Return of the 24hr DJ Set <3

Tuesday 8th May from 08:30 GMT

It’s back to the business, with another 24hr DJ set of the world’s tastiest techno, electro and house. I’ll be raising funds for the fantastic ‘The Gambian Schools Project’, as well as the local YMCA centre in Milton Keynes, they are a great crew up there and super hyped for it! 



The YMCA need no introduction, as they continue to help everyday people out, who are having a bad time in life. Something that we could all go through, with the pressures of modern day life. The local centre in Milton Keynes have been going for the past 37 years, so it’s a real privilege to be involved with such a long standing positive part of the community. 

As for ‘The Gambian Schools Project’, they continue to help hundreds of Children in Gambia with schooling, including the pupils of Makumbaya. From building work to books, every penny is well spent with the overview of UK Founders, John and Janet Mason. They annually visit the schools in Gambia to over see the enormous change our small, but vital, donations provide. 

For example, it costs £20 a year to put one child through school, including books, staff costs, food, etc. I think you'd all agree, that's really good value and illustrates that a just a small donation can make a massive change for one life.'s ON again! From Tuesday 8th May from 08.30 GMT to raise some much needed funds. I'll eat as I go, consume vast amounts of tea, smoothies, etc, etc. I'm pretty sure most of you know this'll be very testing, as it'll all be on vinyl and mixed together, so please feel free to drop by within the 24 hours for a cuppa and some biscuits in the studio! x 

Please visit to make a donation today. Thank you so much in advance for your support, even if you can only afford a couple of pounds, it'll all add up! Thank you, thank you! xx


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